Eagle Creek Travel Bottle Set

  • Eagle Creek Travel Bottle Set
    Eagle Creek Travel Bottle Set
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    Frequent visitors to PackingLight.com know we always have a story to tell about every product. So understand we aren't about to leave anything out when discussing the importance of quality bottles in order to pack light. It is essential travelers transfer their shampoo, conditioner, lotions, or any other liquids to Eagle Creek's smaller, leak-proof bottles. A great idea is to fill plastic bottles weeks before you leave with what you think you can live with for the time you are gone on the trip. After the length of time your trip has transpired you will be amazed to discover you can get by with a lot less shampoo and lotions than you ever imagined. Once your trip is for real you will have a pretty good idea of what amount of "fluids" you need to put in our Eagle Creek Travel Bottles. The quality of a bottle is determined by the quality of the plastics it is made of. The Eagle Creek bottles are made of high-grade LDPE and HDPE plastics. In addition, Eagle Creek tells us their bottles are leak-proof (3 squeeze, 1 pour-top) and that promise can be further enhanced if you squeeze the air out of the bottle once it has been filled. Proceed to twist the bottle top on tightly and your ready to confidently pack your cosmetic or toiletry kit with your bathroom essentials.
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