Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Starter Set

  • Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Starter Set
    Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Starter Set
    Luggage And Bags
    Experienced travelers know that organization is the key to smart travel. Eagle Creek's Pack-It System of a Pack-It Full Cube, Medium Pack-It Sac and 18-inch Folder will have you arriving organized and with fewer worries. Now, Eagle Creek has introduced a very popular ultra-light packing solution miring their age-old classic Pack-It System accessories, but this new Specter version weighs even less.Every Specter Pack-It aid weigh less than the original Eagle Creek Pack-It gear piece. Cumulatively, you will keep your clothing and gear organized without worrying about adding any weight at all with the Specter collection. The Specter's translucent Silnylon Ripstop fabric is the same fabric used for lightweight tents and backpacks and is super-durable, super light, and stain and water-resistant. Provide customization and space savings for any backpack, day bag or piece of luggage. Now, we offer this convenient Specter Starter Set as the a great way to begin your quest for packing organization. The three Pack-It pieces in this set are traditionally the top sellers of any Eagle Creek Pac-It aid.
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