Eagle Creek Pack-it On Board

  • Eagle Creek Pack-it On Board
    Eagle Creek Pack-it On Board
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    &nbsEagle Creek's Pack-It On Board Toiletry Kit is a mid-size toiletry kit suitable for the PackingLight traveler.Eagle Creek is the very best when it comes to supplying toiletry kits because they actually travel. Unlike some manufacturers who design based upon sales figures and margins, Eagle Creek's workforce live and breathe to travel. If they design a kit like the Caddy they are doing so having experienced what it is true travelers need.The Eagle Creek On Board has the ability to hang with a stow-away hanging swivel hook for easy access to the interior. The wide-open, easy-view main compartment reveals all so you can see what it is you're looking for. Um, what a bonus.A removable mirror resides for that last minute smile check when you reach your destination with family and friends awaiting. Multiple sleeves and interior pockets keep the compact hair dryer, the shampoo, the toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up, etc. Stain and water resistant lining will hold up for long, long time.Oh yes, don't forget the On Board weighs less (six ounces) than the hand cream you might pack.p;
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