Eagle Creek Pack-it Garment Folder Small

  • Eagle Creek Pack-it Garment Folder Small
    Eagle Creek Pack-it Garment Folder Small
    Luggage And Bags
    Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folders have achieved tremendous success in aiding travelers to organize their luggage. Now we introduce a new, more vibrant generation of Pack-It Folders with the same packing moxy, but with an improved compression design.PackingLight suggests there are many ways to utilize the Pack-It Folders: First, bundle pack using our decades old system of packing and you will find the folders hold much more than you imagine. The Small Pack-It Garment Folder holds seven pants and/or shirts. The reason travelers can pack in so many garments neatly is the new Eagle Creek set of compression wings that offer two-wing stretch compression to fit even more in your folder and your bag.Another smart way to utilize the folders is to pack for the next few days by bundling a couple of pants and a couple of tops together using our PackingLight Method. Inside your luggage place the Pack-It Folder on top and strap everything in place. Next time you unpack conveniently access the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder containing your next few days of clothing without having to rummage through your entire suitcase.Eagle Creek has just added vibrant colors and fun prints to allow hyper-organization of outfits and travel essentials. Imagine packing your suitcase, backpack or duffel with Pack-It Folders, Cubes and Sacs by color coding according to your trip's requirements. For example, place the laundry aids in the red Quarter-Cube, the toiletries in the blue Half-Cube, the undergarments in the black Full-Cube and your travel clothing tops and bottoms in a Pack-It Garment Folder. The possibilities are endless!
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