Eagle Creek Pack-it Cube Set

  • Eagle Creek Pack-it Cube Set
    Eagle Creek Pack-it Cube Set
    Luggage And Bags
    Experienced travelers know that organization is the key to smart travel. Eagle Creek's Pack-It Cube Set will have you arriving organized and with fewer worries.Eagle Creek's Original Pack-It(TM) Cubes help you organize and get use out of every square inch of your travel bag. Cubes come in three sizes for easy clothing and accessory packing, quick TSA security checks, or to organize your plethora of battery chargers and their respective cords. With 101 uses, what are you waiting for? Travel easy knowing everything's right where you want it.The Pack-It Cube's mesh panels provide easy viewing for you when you look into your cavernous suitcase and for airport security personal. And who wants TSA officials rifling through their bag anyhow? With clearly visible Eagle Creek Pack-it Cubes your private belongings remain just that--private.The new vibrant colors Eagle Creek has added to the Pack-It Cubes line of modular packing aids allows travelers to place the laundry aids in the Quarter-Cube, the toiletries in the Half-Cube, and the undergarments in the Full-Cube. The possibilities are endless!
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