Eagle Creek Pack-it Bi-tech Trip Kit

  • Eagle Creek Pack-it Bi-tech Trip Kit
    Eagle Creek Pack-it Bi-tech Trip Kit
    Luggage And Bags
    The Eagle Creek new Bi-Tech Trip Kit is an ultra durable, lightweight toiletry kit with multiple organizer pockets and a swivel hook for easy hanging and access.A generously sized dopp-style kit, the Trip Kit is built for easy flat, counter top sitting or it hangs on a towel rack or door knob for convenient access. Constructed of a durable and ruggedly handsome water-resistant Bi-Tech(TM) material designed for Eagle Creek's legendary tough duffel bags, the company has seen fit to produce a high quality toiletry kit out of the same fabric. What it means for you is a cosmetic or toiletry kit that may never wear out. Eagle Creek just gets it. With today's need to have your carry-on liquids in a one-quart bag, airline passengers aren't needing the large toiletry kits of the past. The Eagle Creek Bi-Tech Trip Kit serves the lightweight traveler in all of us and offers the high tech durability of the new E.C. Bi-Tech material which is even more tear resistant than 95% of the luggage fabrications made in the world.The ruggedly attractive Bi-Tech Trip Kit provides the compact kit you need with multiple interior sleeves, a mesh pocket and zipper pockets so you'll know exactly where your stuff is from now on.
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