Atlantic Odyssey Lite 25-inch Expandable Spinner

  • Atlantic Odyssey Lite 25-inch Expandable Spinner
    Atlantic Odyssey Lite 25-inch Expandable Spinner
    Luggage And Bags
    Atlantic's Odyssey Lite allows you to pack and transport your light travel essentials neatly, comfortably, and stylishly in an affordable expandable spinner. This lightweight 25-inch, four-wheel spinner model makes you one of "those" people at the airport that look like they are actually enjoying their stroll through the mega terminals. The reason why is they are walking alongside their bag and not having to twist and pull a two-wheeler. We don't want to sound bias towards the four-wheel design, but you need to make your decision to go two or four wheel based on the advice of other travelers. You'll find many who prefer the spinner design because of the manueverability in tight spots such as elevators, ticket lines, and crowded hotel lobbies.A durable polyester covers a lightweight honeycomb frame and keeps this bag light at only seven pounds, eleven ounces. The wheeled upright features a spacious, deluxe, divided, and print-lined main compartment that expands and includes adjustable garment restraints, a divider curtain, and zip pockets. The Atlantic Odyssey Lite spinner has a lower front u-zip compartment that is perfect for holding accessories. Its top front zip pocket offers quick access to your travel documents.In summary, we argue there are very few luggage lines which combine durability, good looks and lightweight qualities for the value offered with the Atlantic Odyssey Lite.
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