Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22

  • Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22
    Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22
    Luggage And Bags
    The Eagle Creek Morphus line is made for the roll-with-the-punches gadabout. Morphus's hybrid construction of a 3-ply, triple layer polycarbonate back shell and abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant Bi-Tech(TM) fabric bumps up the durability factor while keeping weight down. But what really sets Morphus apart is its versatility. Use the hardside/softside carry-on as a traditional wheeled suitcase or zip off the second bag to wear as a backpack or carry as a tote. You see, the Morphus "morphs" into two bags with a detachable gear bag that zips off out of the original shell. Then, travelers are left with a second backpack/tote and the original hybrid upright suitcase to wheel. Simply piggyback the second bag on top of the wheeled upright or carry it over the shoulder or on your back. Brilliant! We guarantee you have seen anything like the Morphus and either had we until Eagle Creek presented the Morphus to us in sample form months ago. The piece is sheer genius and it is made tough and light too.We promise all the details have been attended to, right down to the bottom skid plate, sturdy wheels, and bumper protection. "Bathtub" construction protects the bottom of the bag and its contents should it ever end up in a puddle (we won't ask). For pocketing take comfort in knowing the Morphus integrates with the Eagle Creek infamous Pack-It System and Gear Organizers. With so many options, Morphus is ready for whatever your adventure throws you.
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