Atlantic Compass Unite Rolling Carry-on Tote

  • Atlantic Compass Unite Rolling Carry-on Tote
    Atlantic Compass Unite Rolling Carry-on Tote
    Luggage And Bags
    Atlantic's Compass Unite new upright spinners are 10% LIGHTER than their original Compass bags. The Wheeled Carry-on Tote lightened up it's "belt" recently too and now comes it at a svelt six pounds--considerably lighter than it's original and lighter than many rolling totes on the market.Affordability is another good quality of any luggage line and the Compass line packs a lot of value. The Atlantic Compass Wheeled Carry-on Tote allows airline passengers to know for sure they can pack a change of clothing, accessories and toiletries all in one case. A front compartment allows for easy organization of belongings with a bevy of internal sleeves. The main compartment has tie down straps to secure clothing. When you're not rolling the bag (and we don't know why you wouldn't...) the rolling tote can be picked up using the top carry strap. A bottom grab handle makes it easy to hoist the bag into the overhead bin of an airplane.For those times you wish to piggyback the Atlantic Compass Unite Wheeled Carry-on Tote to a larger upright suitcase, use the bag's special outside strap to slide on to any rigid handle for "hands-free" carrying. Fully lined interior is clean and makes the interior especially visible. Interior pockets aid in on-the-go organizing.
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