Delsey Helium Sky 28-inch Trolley Duffel

  • Delsey Helium Sky 28-inch Trolley Duffel
    Delsey Helium Sky 28-inch Trolley Duffel
    Luggage And Bags
    With today's new domestic airline weight maximum of 50 pounds per checked bag, travelers are on a new travel alert to lighten their baggage. The Delsey Helium Sky 28-inch Trolley Duffel is an incredibly light, large-size duffel.Internet shoppers don't always get a chance to actually lift luggage they are considering purchasing. Let us assure you our in-store customers are loving the Delsey Helium series as soon as they pick it up. Customers instantly feel the featherweight qualities of the line, and when we support their initial perception with quality features typically found in more expensive luggage brands, the Delsey Sky Trolley Duffel is an easy purchasing decision.Reward yourself with Delsey features such as the duffel's recessed locking Trolley handle with easy push button lock and release, protected and recessed Velocity(TM) bearing wheels, polypropylene kickplate for protection, and a fully lined interior. Self-repairing, interlocking #10 nylon coil zippers on the main openings are another value-added component. On the roomy main compartment interior, travelers can store all of their gear for the adventure trip and conversely for a family, one can pack the little one's clothing and still have room for more. Add one large exterior front pocket and a small didy end pocket for even more packing capacity.If you wonder how the Delsey Helium Sky collection is built with all of these features and with the durability of more expensive lines, understand the Trolley Duffel is structured with a lightweight Micro Ballistic material with EVA foam-backing to give the bag integrity and structure.
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