Atlantic Compass Unite 25-inch Expandable Upright Spinner Suiter

  • Atlantic Compass Unite 25-inch Expandable Upright Spinner Suiter
    Atlantic Compass Unite 25-inch Expandable Upright Spinner Suiter
    Luggage And Bags
    Atlantic's Compass Unite 25-inch Expandable Upright is 10% lighter than the original Compass collection. In addition to trimming it's heft, the new Compass Unite collection has gone to the popular four-wheel spinner design for easy handling.Affordability is another good quality these days and Compass Unite packs a lot of value. With the new Atlantic upright, passengers know they can check their bag and have it come back in tack. Built with a high sheen, 1680 denier Polyester blend material, the Compass series has a material that is both durable and attractive. A new technology allows the bag to avoid the unsightly wrinkled material you see in so many bags. What you get is a cleaner look with less fabric to catch on luggage handling machinery.Perhaps the best new feature of the line is it's Link2Go linking feature that allows travelers to connect two pieces of luggage back to back. Simply utilize velcro straps and you can roll two pieces of Atlantic Compass Unite bags together with just one hand. The two bags must be the Compass Unite spinners, but what a clever idea for the traveler venturing out with two bags. Husbands everywhere will now be able to tote-along two bags easily and comfortably without bags tipping over and without breaking their back!Travel in style with this expandable upright spinner ruggedly designed with the features and pocketing you should receive for your hard-earned money. Take for example two large exterior pockets, an expansion capability of two and a half inches for more packing capacity. Interior pockets include a large mesh sleeve on the lid, a wet pocket, and a removable cloth laundry bag.For ease of use in this hectic travel world we live in, the Atlantic Compass Unite has the ability to swivel 360 degrees on a dime. Imagine how much easier that would be in a crowded elevator? Take the lug out of luggage and "spin" your way through airports without having to twist about pulling a two-wheeler.Add all of the value, but throw in a fully-lined interior, easy to grab zipper pulls, cinch straps to keep contents in place, and the new Link2Go linking feature and we think you will be happy in your Atlantic Compass Unite luggage investment.
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