Delsey Helium Hyperlite Trolley Spinner Garment Bag

  • Delsey Helium Hyperlite Trolley Spinner Garment Bag
    Delsey Helium Hyperlite Trolley Spinner Garment Bag
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    The new Delsey Hyperlite Trolley Garment Bag features an unique four-wheel, spinner design and a fully integrated frame designed from lightweight memory fiberglass technology, the same material used in golf clubs and tennis rackets.The incredibly easy to maneuver garment bag makes it easier to bring all the essential belongings you need because so much of the weight of the bag has been taken out allowing you more weight capacity for your things. Indeed, the Delsey Hyperlite collection is one the best values you can find. What is currently occurring in the luggage industry parallels what is happening with computers, electronics, etc. Manufacturers are finding a way to produce better quality at lower and lower price points every year.Delsey has gone and created the lightest luggage collections under one brand's umbrella of luggage series. This Hyperlite Trolley Garment Bag is just ten pounds and it offers the fastest growing style of luggage with four wheels. The spinner concept has caught on in America, but it isn't always available in a garment bag. The Hyperlite garment bag gives travelers this convenient method of strolling along with your bag while alievating weight on your shoulder and back. Just walk along side your garment bag and relax--you're traveling and not stressing about lugging your bag.Other features abound in the garment bag such as a lightweight graphite frame, a push-button, locking telescoping handle flush-mounted for quick access, a fully-lined, washable interior possesses a bevy of pockets on the "door" or on the front exterior sleeve of the Hyperlite Trolley Garment Bag. The Delsey bag features a multiple interior and exterior pockets, two hanger brackets for hanging clothes, tie-down straps, and an extender panel for longer garments.
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