Delsey Breeze 4.0 30-inch Trolley Duffel

  • Delsey Breeze 4.0 30-inch Trolley Duffel
    Delsey Breeze 4.0 30-inch Trolley Duffel
    Luggage And Bags
    Delsey's latest lightweight Helium Series collection is the value-priced, Helium Breeze 4.0. The large-size Trolley Duffel is a terrific compliment to your Delsey luggage collection and offers lots of value when compared against competing brands.For those adventure travelers who love to head out for soft adventure travel, you know more rugged travel dictates a large gear bag. Others who have always preferred the roomy confines of a duffel and who venture out more on weekend car trips, the Delsey Helium Breeze 30-inch Trolley Duffel will fill out that niche in your plethora of luggage pieces as well.A large gusseted front zippered pocket with lockable dual zippers provide lots of space for smaller items and are easy to grab without going into the main pocket. The large U-shaped opening for the main compartment offers easy access and packing and simply a ton of space in it's empty cavern. Carry handle on each end will make it easier to hoist a fully-packed bag onto the SUV or trunk. When you go to wheel the spacious Breeze Trolley Duffel, a recessed, locking Trolley handle made of industrial aluminum with easy access push button for lock and release is easy to use. In-line skate wheels will be there with you over many, many miles and over every adventure coming your way.
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