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  • Apera Tech Backpack
    Apera Tech Backpack
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    The Apera Tech Pack is the versatile do-whatever-you-need-to-do backpack with some of the best laptop, tablet, and accessory pockets you'll find in a "teThe ch" backpack.Flexible interior functionality can hold the gear you need for business, sport, family activities or travel. The lightweight pack is different than other bags for several important reasons. One, the Tech Pack possesses anti-microbial protection within two front and top so-called shoe pockets. Apera markets these pockets as "shoe pockets", but we prefer to call them an accessory pocket with an added bonus.Keep gym clothing and other goods (which is everything really...) you want to keep fresh and clean in these top split pockets with vertical zippers. The Tech Pack is loaded with more smart pockets too. Start with a large storage compartment in the back for both a laptop and a tablet and every other computer accessory you need too. A top smart phone pocket is super easy to use and made with soft, cushy material for your phone investment. Utilize the remaining front pocket for the quick grab little items you don't want to have to search for.Add the extra quality high tenacity nylon that is super lightweight and you have a good size Apera Tech Pack weighing about two pounds that will last a very long time keeping you organized.
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